Offshore Riser Installation
Pipelayer Aussie 1
Sigur Ros Turkmenistan - 1 million manhours without LTI
Tekclamp permanent repair systems
Offshore Riser Installation

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Riser Clamp Installation (Air Diving Range)

Posted on 10 February

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This is an excellent high quality video showing Air Diver performing underwater clamp installation.  The waterdepth is about 14 m ( 46 ft). Continue Reading

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Pipelayer Aussie 1

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Subsea Pipeline Installation : Pipelaying

Posted on 09 February


Pipelayer Aussie 1

Pipelay Vessel Aussie 1 (Source Flickr)

Here is the summary of OIC responsibilities during typical shallow water pipelay operations: Continue Reading

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onshore pipeline hot tapping


Hot Tapping : TDW Video

Posted on 02 July

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The above video shows some more explanation on hot tapping. I would like to thank our user ‘pitihkawe’ for his post on the hot tapping.  This is more towards onshore applications & will be different for subsea applications. Continue Reading

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My Hot Tapping Experience

Posted on 29 June

What Is Hot Tapping

“It’s A safe control entry into a pipe or vessels operating at vacuum,pressured or….without losing product and process interuption.” Hot Tapping applications includes the following :
* Prevent shutdowns
* New construction tie-ins
* Installation of by-pass systems
* Pressure and vacuum gauge installation
* New pipeline construction
* Sight glass installations
* Quality control sample points
* Valve installations
* Thermowell coupling installation
* Orifice taps for flow meters
* Offshore and underwater service
* Pipe inspection
* Temperature indicators
* Sparger installations Continue Reading

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Sigur Ros Turkmenistan - 1 million manhours without LTI

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Fresh New Content; Offshore Construction Experience …

Posted on 03 May

Sigur Ros Turkmenistan - 1 million manhours without LTI

Due to certain restrictions, i’ve been stop writing about my experiences and all previous content have been removed for further review.  Continue Reading

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Tekclamp permanent repair systems

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Pipeline Repair : Petronas sharing the pool of emergency pipeline repair equipment with its local PSC.

Posted on 12 September

I just got an interesting news related to emergency pipeline repair!  Sources indicates that Petronas is in discussion with all its local (Malaysia) PSC (Production Sharing Contract) to share resources for all pipeline repair jobs.

PSC = Petronas Carigali, Nippon Oil, ExxonMobil, Shell, Newfield Exploration Company, Murphy Oil, Talisman Energy, Hess Corporation and otherss.

The issue was discussed during SEAPOG EPRES (South East Asia Pipeline Operators Group Emergency Pipeline Repair Equipment Sharing) meeting.  The possible emergency pipeline repair equipment to be shared includes: Continue Reading

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